The Status of Luisa

December 17, 2016 at 1:28 pm by matt

Hi everyone! It's time for a long overdue status update on the project.

Unfortunately, with only a couple of weeks left in 2016, it's obvious that the game isn't going to be done this year. I wasn't able to work on the game as much as I had hoped over the last six months for a variety of reasons. Between moving, contract work and some health issues, it's been hard to find extra time.

The good news is that things are mostly back to normal (though I'm likely having some minor surgery in January). The project is very much alive!

I've been working on porting Luisa into GameMaker Studio 2, which is going to make the process of adding content simpler, faster and will greatly improve performance. Luisa should be able to run very well on some very weak machines (but Windows XP will no longer be supported, unfortunately).

Having a better map-building utility is going to be huge. The main gameplay focus in Luisa has always been on exploration, and GMS2 is going to allow me to build a bigger world faster.

That's all for now. I hope everyone has a great holiday! More updates are coming very soon! (For real this time...) Luisa Sketch

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